This is a web-based archive of linguistic data from a variety of languages, speakers, and projects.
Linguistics students are encouraged to use this data for empirical research as part of their studies.
Members of the Linguistics Department at the University of Toronto have prepared these files and are the owners of the data.
Students may use the data by requesting permission from the instructor of the course in which they plan to conduct the research. They must sign a form indicating that they understand the ethical requirements for sharing the data prior to viewing any of it.
The website was made possible by two grants from the Faculty of Arts and Science Curriculum Renewal Initiatives Fund in 2010 and 2012, for which we express thanks.
Hands-on data-driven research projects enhance the curriculum by supporting critical and creative thinking, grappling to solve authentic problems with real-world data, and enhance quantitative reasoning, ethical thinking, information literacy, and ability to communicate research outcomes.
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You cannot access the Corpora in the Classroom database until you have permission. If you want to see what's inside, read on.